December 12, 2013

JANKY PROMOTERS : The Drake After Party @ Harry's Recap

Promo Flyer, lol

Promo Flyers, they was so serious, lol

Packed Out
My money spent.

Heard the whole party wasn't even authorized. No one in his camp agreed

September 10, 2012

My Wicked Twenties

Joined the Marine Corps.
Live in Japan for a year.
Went around the world twice.
Got Married.
Got Divorced.
San Diego was beautiful.
Got shot at.
Got beat up.
Got jacked.
Got robbed.
Got arrested.
Made some lifelong friends.
Started writing poetry.
Became a drunk
Got arrested.
Started Rock Bottom.
Became heartless.
Started Rapping.
Started grinding.
Got betrayed.
Became relentless.
Found passion.
Broke hearts.
Came to life.
Moved back home.
Gave life.
Took life away.
Lived my dreams.
Lived my nightmares.
Found God.
Lost religion.
Painted pictures.
Whispered poems in crowded rooms.
Fell in lust.
Fell in love.
Contemplated Suicide.
Beat the gods.
Beat the devils.
Beat the odds.
Lost my mind.
Found my purpose.
Found The Force.
Found the source.
Became a man.
Found true love.
Became submissive.
Saved by grace.

Made it to age 30.

July 12, 2012


No hook. Just bars. Enjoy.

July 05, 2012


by Corey Black

Realistically, this doesn't apply to every man. There are however, a plethora of morbid individuals suffering from delusions of grandeur. This post is for them, and I strongly believe you know who you are. All these women are crazy, and can you blame them? They have to put up with guys like me and you . Let's take the focus off of them for a quick second and look at the root. You gotta get it together man. At the end of the day, there aren't that many excuses that we can give as to why we are the way we are. Simply put: YOU HAVE NO CLUE HOW TO GET A WOMAN.

I've been seeing this way too much lately. You have no goals. You have no plans. You have no ambitions, yet you have the audacity to sell women dreams. I'm not sure if this classifies you as a womanizer or a pimp, but whatever you are, its a cancer to the general population. Men have a certain role that we are supposed to play in the community. Quite frankly, there are a lot of lame dudes lurking in the shadows of the good guys. We have a lot of work we need to do if we are going to restore the current condition of mankind. I'm not a relationship counselor nor do I have all the answers, but I'm just gonna express what I feel needs to happen. Our sistas may still throw shade, but at least let's make it somewhat harder for them to feel justified in doing so.

Stop stuntin' and frontin' so much. Nobody cares. These women do not care about what you have. All of those club pics, party pics, the party life, the celebrity status, the faux persona... it doesn't make you cool. It doesn't make you attractive. Women ain't attracted to that fam. Stop imitating wanna-be wack rappers. I'm sorry, I feel like I'm ranting, but I'm getting passionate so let me refrain for going too emo on this post. Look, stop being so clueless. All it takes is for the right sitcom, movie, song, or video to come on at the right time and your entire thought process can change. Fortunately, reality loves to knock on the door and remind you that life is happening. The woman you're with doesn't have to look like she was just in a rap video or walking the red carpet. For the most part, a superficial bimbo isn't worth your time of day anyway. You gotta know how to play your cards. I'm not saying to run off and chase only Plain Janes, but c'mon man, be honest with yourself.

Maybe your mother didn't do something she was supposed to because she hated your father. Maybe your father didn't do sweet things for your moms in front of you on purpose. Maybe you don't like women. Whatever that case is, those are all excuses. Truth be told, if you wanted to treat her right, you would. That simple. Women know this. They may not have the slightest clue as to what they want or what makes them happy, but they do know what they don't like and what they can't stand. I know you probably think I'm coming down hard on you, but fam, I'm just trying to let you know straight up. There's a strong possibility that you need to work on yourself before you jump in a relationship and bring a perfectly stable woman down.

You aren't single because you haven't found the right woman, you're single because you're wack, and being in a relationship means you can no longer hide how wack you are. If this isn't the case, then I also understand that you probably just don't have time for a relationship right now. You are so focused on your career and whatever else you have going on that being involved with a woman at the stage just ain't for you. That's all love and I respect you for that, but do us a solid and leave these chicks alone. All you are doing is creating friction between the guys that are available and pursuing a compatible mate. You know that women want what they can't have and they love the challenge of trying to change a man, but step up to the plate and let em know from the jump that you really don't have time for her. Don't even tempt her with just being friends with benefits or a "buddy" because that's gonna confuse her when she starts talking to the guy that really is interested. In her mind she's thinking, "I'm not good enough for the guy I really want, so I'm not gonna settle for the guy that wants me..." and we are gonna look at her like she is crazy, but all the while, you were the maniac playing subliminal mind games. 

Get off your high horse. You aren't as desirable as you think you are. So what you copy and paste a few quotes and bible scriptures online every blue moon, that doesn't make you deep. You have to give yourself some more dimensions. Setting up thirst traps all day long on Twitter and Facebook doesn't give you personality. If need be, get  in touch with your feminine side my dude. Go to the library every now and then. Attend some events that aren't at a lounge, bar, or nightclub. For Christ's sake, read a book. Whatever you gotta do, just make sure you're doing it the right way.

I was told that I was going to lose all the women that you wanted before I found the woman I needed. I didn't know what that meant until it happened. Looking back, I was a complete scumbag, and did a whole lot of selfish things. For the most part, I'm just trying to drop you off a jewel and set you on the right path.


by Corey Black

I wrote a piece a couple of years ago that goes as follows:

"You been looking for Mr. Right for so long, 
that you can't help but to keep running into Mr. Wrong.
Last song, last chance, you won't get another chance,
For you, there are no flowers, candy, or romance.
God has plans for you, but you're trying to write another one,
You're trying to get over one man by getting under another one.
No wonder you are so consistent with your strikes,
You keep on missing, this is why you'll be a Miss for the rest of your life..."

I went on to say some other very specific things, but we won't get into that right now. I really wanted to focus on THE MAIN REASON YOU CAN'T FIND A GOOD MAN. There is a very simple explanation to this: Good men are not to be found, they are too busy looking for good women. Pow. That's it, that's as simple as I can say it, but this will still go over some heads, so I will try my best to break this down. If this offends you in anyway, then find the nearest mirror and evaluate the reflection.

First off, let's acknowledge the top 15 things that makes good man:
(In no particular order)
1. Listener
2. Loving
3. Caring
4. Faithful
5. Honest
6. Respectful
7. Loyal
8. God-Fearing
9. Responsible
10. Supportive
11. Financially Stable
12. Dependable
13. Romantic
14. Thoughtful
15. Committed

These are the things women want in a man. The reason I know this is because these are the things I have been told I've needed to be in every single relationship I have ever been in. I'll admit, I've fallen short of glory many times, but mainly because I just felt like I wasn't with the right person that actually deserved all of that from me. Amazingly, I found a person that can get all of that... let me say that again: Amazingly I FOUND a person that can get all of that. The beauty of it is that I didn't have to look very hard to find her, she was always around, I just didn't notice her until it was time.

Everybody's situation is different, but guess what, men are the same. All men think the same way. We are not checking for the chick that takes a billion pictures of herself everyday to keep her instagram popping. We want the classy woman that is discreet about her personal life. No man has time to get in a relationship with a self-absorbed women, we ain't built like that. On top of that, a woman that expresses how bad she wants to be in a relationship is a RED FLAG to every man, and that goes both ways. It will attract the thirsty guys that only want sex because they see you are desperate, and it will ward off the cool fellas that have mentally labeled you as an attention whore and possible "Clinger".

This includes posting pics of cleavage, half naked photos, thirst-filled song lyrics, struggle meal pics, tweets about Brazilian waxes, etc. No dude wants to be a part of that life, and if they do, it'll only be to have fun. After all the fun though, guess what, he's gonna proceed to look for what he never saw in you: A good woman. Now, don't take this the wrong way, a good woman is fun too. Actually, its more fun to have a whole entire relationship with the right person than it is to kick it with a woman that just wants to "hang out". Men want this, and we will search the Earth high and low for this. Finding the right woman is better than finding the rarest of diamonds. We live for this search, and yes, we do fall victim of being sidetracked by distractions. Distractions are what some people prefer to call "hoes"-even though she may not be having sex with a lot of men, she still wants a lot of men to show her some attention and goes out of her way to be seen. Those are tendencies that men pick up on and see right pass it.

Be the type of woman that a man has to search for, not Google search for. Every social network isn't eHarmony. Be mysterious and leave something for our imagination. Us men are very peculiar creatures, but we are very simple. We live by an unwritten guy code, and a lot of women are in violation. I hope this post helps some.

So think twice before you take that picture of yourself making a "Kissie face", no man wants a woman that stuck on herself.


July 03, 2012

POEM #139

by Corey Black

Maybe I stayed up this late for a reason.
 I could be sleep next to the woman of my dreams, but instead I am awake.  
Both televisions are on two different channels, but I’m not watching anything in particular.
 I have my headphones are on, but there is no music playing. 
I just like the way the ear buds feel. 
I want to start playing a song, but I can’t decide what I’m in the mood for. 
If I stall long enough, maybe God will whisper something remarkable and I get a chance to hear it.
 The ceiling fan is wobbling, but I can’t feel a breeze. 
The air conditioner refuses to kick on. 
I’m not hot at all. 
Summer is always beautiful, but the heat is horrid.
Time just stood still. 
Must be the full moon having her way with me.
I wish I learned to play the piano.
 I would title every ballad “Aginah”. 
Love keeps me up late. 
This won’t make sense until the end, I’m sure. 
It will finish the way it began. 
Autumn will be so nice this year. 
This planet has had me for three decades. 
I pray the winter isn’t too cold.  
I just heard the most beautiful silence. 
Patience is so lazy, but she is always on time. 
My ears itch, does my ego ever sleep? 
Exodus is such a beautiful song. 
Bob Marley was a king.
I’m blessed to be black, I always feel connected to the beginning of time. 
It’s time for me to take in her scent and rest. 
Glad I stayed up this late.